10 Things to Love About A Spring Wedding!

Spring season ties in so beautifully with love, marriage and weddings. Traditionally ‘wedding season’ for a reason, it’s a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. The best flowers are in season, picking a honeymoon destination isn’t a game of weather roulette and you can wear a sleeveless wedding gown without worrying about goose bumps!

It may feel like Winter is an endless slog, but don’t despair, Spring is just around the corner!! If you’re thinking of planning your nuptials in the Spring – the season of rebirth, growth and purity, here’s our top 10 things to LOVE about getting married in this simply stunning season:

1. Two words – peonies & poppies (well, for us anyway). Every bride has an idea of what flowers they see themselves holding – the flowers really set the scene for the colour palette and theme of the day. The range of blooms available from September – December are the highest in any season, so you have a better chance of choosing exactly what you want for your special day. Here’s a fab wedding floral guide for the types of bouquets you would see at a Spring wedding.

2. Spring can be a volatile season weather wise. Choose a wedding venue that can assist with both indoor and outdoor options so you are not left without a plan B! And really, at the end of the day, if it’s a bit damp outside, no one really minds – there’s always fake tan and a free bar to keep all the guests happy (plus at Yarra Valley Lodge, our onsite hotel accommodation is the perfect solution for no travel between wedding ceremony and reception!).   A venue with both indoor and outdoor options are always a good idea in Spring if you are worried about the weather turning on its head.

3. If the date is earlier Spring (September-ish), keep in mind ways to keep your guests warm if the ceremony or reception is outdoors. Soft throws, outdoor heaters and a hot chocolate station are a nice way to keep guests warm and happy in the cooler earlier Spring days.

4. In addition to above, usually Spring can be the ideal temperature. Not too hot, nor too cold. Perfect for that outdoor wedding with fairy lights strung across branches … #sigh.

5. Spring is the season for mid-term school holidays so perfect for that wedding guest list of family and friends that are more likely to attend, and those that need to travel further. 

6. Spring brings with it an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, and provides a fantastic basis for that delicious seasonal wedding menu.

7. Lighting is everything when it comes to photographs on your wedding day! And it may sound strange, but cloud cover provides much better lighting for stunning shots, than highly sunny, cloudless days. Go figure!

8. If you are creating Wedding Favours - seed packets are a cute and different idea to include and very apt for Spring time. If the packet is in an envelope, have them customized with you and your groom's favourite flowers, and printed with a photo or instructions for planting. This is a beautiful reminder and keepsake for your guests!

9. There is likely to be more variety and availability in venue options for Spring vs that of Summer or early Autumn. If the hotel or venue is looking to fill vacant dates, they may be more willing to negotiate on price for the budget conscious.

10. Thinking themes, Spring weddings entice a wide range of stunning ideas – think floral headpieces for the bride and bridal party. Rather than the traditional floral arrangements, you could introduce more natural elements to decorate – such as lemongrass, fresh herbs – add creativity, style and a bit of difference to your wedding day that will spark curiosity and conversation among your guests.

Each season has benefits and advantages, and the Yarra Valley really is the perfect backdrop regardless of weather or season!