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Valentines Day in Yarra Valley

Must Include Wine, a Driver (Sober) & Cheese (Lots of It)

The global day of love is nearly here (OK, so maybe apart from the day you were hitched), so we're here to help with a bit of guidance on the 5 BEST ways to spend Valentine's Day in 2019 in our glorious little pocket of Australia we call Yarra Valley (and get full kudos). 

1. You could go all classic and book a romantic dinner, which, by the way is totally fine. But perhaps tie that in with a wine tour first - visiting the various cellars of top notch wineries around our region (Oakridge Wines has a most amazing Chard - deep, full and buttery).  Organise a driver for this so you can enjoy yourselves and get a bit happy :) 

2.  Save some cash and organise a DIY V-Day instead. We're thinking picnic blanket on the living room floor. Set the mood with candles, soft lighting and music (this may not work if you are a parent with kids ...). Create a platter of your loved one's fav foods - cheeses, sushi, mini platters of tasty morsels. You get the picture.

3.  For the couples that are just too tired (and Valentine's does fall on a Tuesday this year - BORING) organise a takeaway (you can even app it on your phone). Literally, let your fingers do the ordering). 

4. For those more attune to physical excerise, enjoy the wider region of Yarra Valley - go for a hike through the Yarra Ranges National Park , stop at a wine cellar, pack a picnic of fresh local produce, find a view ... need we say more? 

5. Finally, for those who wish to make more of a meal out of Valentine's Day, why not spend a night in this beautiful countryside? Ofcourse, we blow our own trumpet, but Yarra Valley lodge has five star reviews. A stay in our beatifully appointed lodge rooms couldn't be any better. Trust Us.