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Hens Night Celebrations at Yarra Valley

Looking for a classic alternative to the Hen’s night? A Kitchen Tea at Yarra Valley Lodge’s High Tea is the answer!

Take all the stress out of compromising on the Hens Night celebrations and join us for our take on High tea on a Sunday afternoon in Bella Restaurant as your Brides Kitchen Tea.

 High Tea Hens Afternoon with a Twist

We offer a tier delivered to your table of itemised savoury items (Curry Puffs from a 100 year old recipe, Salmon and Chicken Waldorf Sandwiches, Pork Beely Croquettes) and Gluten Free scones with condiments. Then we have a plentiful buffet of house made sweet patissiere items all handmade inhouse. We use the freshest seasonal ingredients in addition to showcasing the products of some of the Yarra Valley’s finest provedores.

We can provide your group with a secluded area to celebrate, exchange gifts and organise games associated with Kitchen Teas.

For bookings contact: 03 9760 3355.

What is a Kitchen Tea?

The Kitchen Tea is a traditional pre-wedding ritual for the Bride to be stemming from when Bride and Groom had not previously lived together and therefore would be setting up house.

At the kitchen tea family and friends would gather for afternoon tea and exchange tips and advice to the bride on her forthcoming marriage and also give useful kitchen related gifts such as mixing bowls, rolling pins, bake ware, measuring cups etc.

Today however many Brides have these necessities and the kitchen tea tradition is seen as a more sedate alternative to the Hens Night where Grandparents, Aunty’s and other friends and relatives can attend in a relaxed environment to celebrate the upcoming wedding.

Some great Kitchen Tea Game ideas include:

Recipe Collection

As part of your invitation request that each guest brings along a printed copy of their favourite recipe and then compile these into a scrapbook to present to the Bride as a special memento of her Kitchen Tea.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

A favourite game and a great one to break the ice and introduce guests who may not know one another. In small teams dedicate a model and then have the remaining team members use toilet paper to create an inspired wedding dress and veil for the model brides to showcase. Prizes for the winning team will add that competitive edge.

Advice Anecdotes

Before the Kitchen Tea purchase or create a small quote book that can then be circulated to each guest on the day to write some words of wisdom for the Bride to Be to refer to as she embarks upon her marriage.

Do you know our Bride?

This game gives each guest the opportunity to share their knowledge and secrets they have on the Bride. With some carefully crafted questions circulate a questionnaire to all guests and the Bride and then give everyone time to complete their answers. Once completed have the Bride read out her answers and guests mark off their correct answers as well as sharing some of the answers that may not have been correct however were amusing. A winner can be determined at the end by the person with the most correct answers.

So you can see while a traditional activity before the wedding a Kitchen Tea is a great excuse to get together and indulge in our fully catered High Tea and celebrate your special occasion at Yarra Valley Lodge.