Baby Shower High Tea

Looking for inspiration for how to celebrate a baby shower? Our High Tea on a Sunday afternoon is the perfect event to gather with Mum to Be, family and friends to celebrate such a momentous occasion.

With the ability to offer a secluded function space and full access to our buffet of indulgent savoury and sweet delights guests will enjoy and remember a wonderful afternoon.

The flexibility to personalise the occasion is available with decorations, present table, games and speeches welcomed. Our expert events team can also assist with any theming requirements or referral recommendations to make the planning as simple as sending out an invitation.

Enquire about availability today by phone: 03 9760 3355.

Some simple and fun ideas to liven up the atmosphere of the afternoon could include ...

Baby Shower Game Ideas

Forbidden Word - Baby
On arrival each guest is given a Nappy Pin to pin to themselves and when all of your guests have arrived you allocate a forbidden word, such as Baby. Should any of the guests mention this word throughout the afternoon the first person to notice this is then able to take their pin and at the end of the afternoon the guest with the most pins wins a prize.

Guess which Baby
With a little bit of pre-planning you could ask each guest to bring along a baby photo of themselves, stick these to a pin board with numbers against each photo and then each guest has to guess which baby photo belongs to which attendee, the person with the most correct guesses wins!

Baby Price Is Right
This game can provide a double whammy as not only will it facilitate a bit of fun it will also provide a nice gift basket for Mum to Be. Purchase a selection of useful baby items and lay them out for display so each attendee can see what is included, you then ask each guest to arrange these items in the order from least expensive to most expensive. The host then has the fun task of revealing the prices and determining a winner. Should you have multiple winners perhaps have some extra items up your sleeve to run a tie break round.

Baby Bets
This one is a must for any shower. Before the baby shower create a chart with headings such as Boy/Girl, Weight, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Baby’s Name etc. Each guest can then put their name on the chart and make a guess at each option which is then given to Mum to Be to compare once the new arrival makes it into the world.

Does Daddy Know?
For Dad’s who may not be attending the shower a great way for the host to still involve Dad is to prepare a set of questions for Dad to answer e.g. How many nappies will you use in one day? Who will be the firm parent and who will be the pushover? How many times does a baby feed a day in the first three months? How many kids do you want to have? Then at the shower you ask Mum to Be to guess how she thinks her partner answered each question.

Quite an event can be created with relatively minimal organisation by the hosts. Taking away the worry of having to host and cater by booking High Tea at Yarra Valley Lodge, everyone can sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities.