Team Building at the Yarra Valley Lodge


"One should not pursue goals that are easily achieved. One must develop an instinct for what one can just barely achieve through one's greatest efforts." —Albert Einstein


According to behavioural therapist Andrea Kuszewski, “When you seek novelty, several things are going on. First of all, you are creating new synaptic connections with every new activity you engage in. These connections build on each other, increasing your neural activity, creating more connections to build on other connections—learning is taking place.”[1]


In other words, the power of new experiences and challenges has the ability to make you smarter as well as your team!

There are a number of benefits to urging your team out of the office and stepping into challenging and new experiences through teambuilding activities:  


1.      Positive work culture

Creating a workplace where employee’s are engaged can be difficult, especially after the silly season! Nothing spreads good vibes into the office like a few days in nature, team bonding activities afoot and the motivation of being away from the desk. Getting to know team members in a relaxed and open environment creates clearer communication and who knows, perhaps they’ll learn things about each other they never knew!


2.     Innovation

Team building usually revolves around activities far from the routine and comfort zone of daily life. This encourages problem-solving, a powerful collaboration technique designed to make sure your team is well equipped to solve everyday issues. Through seeking the collaboration of others, as well as feeling confident in their ability to solve issues on their own. Team building days are an investment in the long-term potential of current employees.


3.     Increase in productivity

Encouraging competitive spirit during team building activities is a formidable way to increase staff engagement both in and out of the office. Driving staff towards incentives to minimise procrastination maximise productivity and increase collaborative workspaces. Clearer communication between team members, united forces against workplace issues and general good vibes means that nobody will be dragging their feet this year.


After a couple of days out of their comfort zone, teams will feel refreshed, focused and ready to tackle the new year. The perfect time to craft 2020 goals that keep the team on track, measuring progress and generally motivated.


Talk to the team at Yarra Valley Lodge today to book mid-week team building packages in March, and start 2020 STRONG.