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So it's nearly that time of year again, yes folks, #schoolholidays. Here we bring you 5 awesome fun things to do on school holidays because really ... we all need things to do over these magical 2 weeks right?! 

Whether it brings joy with the thought of sleep ins, routine-less-ness and a 'no-packed-lunches-for-two-weeks' regime ... OR on the other end of the scale, perhaps the fear of how to keep your kids healthy, happy and entertained (on a budget) for what sometimes may seem an interminable fortnight.  Yes, the endless messy house, device overload (and then guilt), and ofcourse the constant empty fridge and cupboard scenario (those stomachs never seem to get full right?!). 

Well, here at Yarra Valley Lodge, we understand. We've done a bit of research to find out the top 5 fun things to do with your kids these school holidays - from the budget conscious, to the more extravagant option.


This Zoo is one of the best places to see Australian wildlife in their natural habitat. An awesome way to get up close and personal with kangaroos, koalas and all your furry friends!  Best bit is - if you stay at the Lodge over the school holidays we will throw in 2 adult Zoo vouchers per stay!  Kids are free entry!

Cost = $0. Gotta love that. 


Autumn in Victoria is the best season - the weather is stable, cool but clear. A perfect time to head out for a walk with your family at Sherbrooke Picnic Ground - an easy 2.4 km loop. Pick up some delicious morsels and enjoy what nature has to offer.

Cost = $0. Whoop! 


OK, so this is an oldie, but a goodie!! Anyone whose been on Puffing Billy LOVES it. And we mean young to old. You jump on a steam train and meander through the Dandedong Ranges. The whole dangling your legs over the carriage is a truely memorable experience, and it's a great way to spend time with your family and re-live what the past used to be like. 

Cost = Ranges between $28 - $108


Ummm.. who doesn't like a good dose of sweet?! Especially kid-friendly, a visit to the Chocolaterie is a bit of an experience, offering tours, a cafe and all sorts of chocolatey goodness you would expect! A definite visit for the family. 

Cost = depends on how much chocolate you can consume!! 


This would have to be a highlight of a lifetime. We seriously recommend doing a hot air ballooning yarra valley experience at least once in your life!  This is something for the 7 years and older age groups (though warn them of the early start!).  A breath-taking ride over the Yarra Valley landscape followed by a hearty buffet breakfast at our very own Bella Restaurant. 

Cost = Begins at $285 ... but we insist - this is an extravagance you won't regret! 

As well as these fabulous school holiday ideas - if you stay at Yarra Valley Lodge for 2 or more nights you get our Stay and Save Deal which saves 20% -- something to put towards one of the ideas above #winning. 

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