• Winter Wedding Ideas

A Yarra Valley Winter Wedding

When it comes to weddings, Winter is overlooked by many couples as a time to celebrate their nuptials. Crisp days, cosy evenings and frost on the ground - Winter in the Yarra Valley is nothing short of exceptional.  The stunning scenery truly capture the essence of romance and there are so many beautiful ways to embrace the cooler weather at your wedding.  At Yarra Valley Lodge we have some great ideas for a stylish and successful Winter wedding

9 Reasons to Choose a Winter Wedding

1. Firstly, budget. There are some great savings to be had during the off-peak season. It pays to do your research here and find the venue that suits what you are looking for - and ask about dates that they could offer special discounted rates.  What's better .. you can put the savings towards that honeymoon in the sunshine after! 

2. What better way to greet your guests at your reception than with a welcoming open fire.  Team this with baskets of luxurious blankets or throws for them to use if any of the ceremony or reception is to be held in the outdoors.  

3. Winter is all about cosying inside with loved ones and sharing heart-warming feasts. For this reason, June through to August is a perfect time for those who are looking for an intimate wedding experience. Our lodge can cater for as little as 20 guests and will allow you to capture that sense of closeness and romance throughout the ceremony.  

4. Embrace the weather, if it rains, organise a wine barrel full of colourful umbrella's for the guests to take and enjoy. So it may drizzle - adding functionality as well as colour to the theme will ensure a good dose of fun! 

5. Winter is a beautiful season for a midday or lunch time weddings. The crisp winter air and sunlight provides a welcome backdrop for photographs and celebrations. This time offers a unique opportunity for brides to play with accessories such as vintage wraps, stoles, gloves and faux-furs which look wonderful in photos while keeping you warm and for the men, it's as simple as being able to wear a jacket and tie comfortably.

6.  Our lodge is one of the few Yarra Valley venue's that offer onsite accommodation. Your guests will appreciate staying on site during a winter wedding and not having to venture outside to make their way home. Even though it is fresh outside, on a beautiful winter’s day, there is no reason not to celebrate outside. Here at Yarra Valley Lodge we have a beautiful setting with a both indoor and outdoor facilities for your ceremony and reception.  Regardless of rain, or weather events, there will always be a back up plan! 

7. The use of candles and gorgeous lighting is another beautiful way to visually impress your guests during the Winter months.  

8. A Winter menu ... think DIY hot chocolate stations with marshmallows, and a Yarra Valley Shiraz is second to none. 

9. Consider a Winter wedding for your special day at the Yarra Valley Lodge - we can promise a most elegant and beautiful day.